DigiByte - TechnoSoft is a collective of designers and programmers helping people create memorable digital experiences for the web and beyond.

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Carefully Crafted, Deliberately Different

We make websites, applications and Interactive installations with a carefully considered purpose.

Projects are most successful when crafted with intention and focus. We take time to listen and then augment our talented internal team with a network of award winning specialists to create work that works.

Tried, True and Evolving

We use systems we've tested over hundreds of projects to shape ideas and manage technical requirements.

We choose tools and approaches that allow us to create as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or control. We gradually evolve, constantly incorporating new techniques into our workflow.

We Create

There's a satisfying harmony in a perfectly spaced layout, subtle emotion in the ease of an animation and an elusive elegance behind complex interactions. We bend chaos into pattern, turn pixels into stories and reimagine the everyday.

Recent Projects


Based in Mumbai, Fawwaz Khatri ( Digital Phoenix ) is the founder of DigiByte - TechnoSoft.

He has over 5 years of experience as a UI / UX and Web Developer. Equally passionate about design and code, Fawwaz has an innate ability to bring developers and designers together and to understand projects from varying perspectives.


DigiByte - TechnoSoft is a full service interactive design and development studio. Say hello and share your ideas for how we can work together.

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